Get to Know What Causes a Slow Loading Blog

Do you get annoyed if it takes you forever to have to wait for a webpage to load? I bet you don't want the visitors to close your blog before it loads completely due to the slow loading of your page. It means you're losing visitors, potential readers or maybe clients. 

Webpages load at different speeds depending on the type of internet connection or the browser. However the main thing which affects how a page runs is the site itself. There are possible causes for slow-loading pages. Let me elaborate in a simple way and use the tips to speed your blog loading up!

1. Too many images
Images are the most common reason for slow loading pages. Pictures take more space than text which is why it takes them longer to download. It's advisable not to put too many pictures on a single page. Those pictures on your blog posts and at the sidebars are the longest to load. So be sure to reduce them. You can have buttons or giveaway advertisements on a designated page. Not only it will improve the loading of your blog, but also it makes your blog look more neat. Those large images you upload on your blog posts are also heavy. If you just can't get read of them all, make sure you find a way to at least optimize them. There are several ways to optimize your pictures. One of them is resizing to minimize the file size. I will give you more detail about this on a different post.

2. Too many blog posts
Limit the number of your blog posts to less than 10 posts per page. Or if each of your post is usually really long with a lot of pictures, you may reduce it to 5. If you're afraid people won't be reading your previous blog posts, you can always have Archive & Labels or even Most Popular Post widget available so people know what you have on your blog.

3. Too much flash
No doubt flash makes your site interactive and of course interesting. But too much of them may cause your page crawl to load completely. Adjusting the file size when creating it is one way of solution. 

4. Large quantity of codes / widgets
Bulky codes take longer time to load. Using CSS is one of the way to make a script more efficient. If you're not sure about this, leave it to your designer to find a solution. However in the meantime, you can also work on it by looking at those cool widgets you put on your blog. Get rid of those as sometimes they take a lot of time to load up. These widgets are embedded to your site from outside sources. How fast they load depends on the site where they are actually hosted.

5. External embedded media such as videos or slideshows
Videos and slideshows are mostly from outside sources too. As previously mentioned, how fast they load depends on the site where they are actually hosted. Unless if you upload them on your own server. Of course you still can have them on your blog, but perhaps not too many.

6. Bad web-hosting
I guess there's nothing much we can do about this. If the host  is the cause of your problem, you can always migrate to somewhere else which you think is better. Do case study, make comparisons and ask opinions on forums.

So what's the point of having a great and perfect blog if people don't even appreciate it because they get annoyed with how it loads. I'm sure you understand it now. Good luck!

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  1. salam kak rose..tq 4 the reminder...ifa dh tukar dh...btol la apa sis ckp tue..ifa nie dh lama xmenulis n3 mmg le weng2 otak nie berfikir..tq so much tau sis..sori sbb x sempat2 nak buat n3 utk sis lg...ifa pun jrg2 dh on blog sgt..balik keje pnt dh..balik just mandi,mkn,tdo..then keje lagi..huuu..
    ok sis..see yaa...take care!tq sbb sudi singgah blog ifa tue..=)



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