The Design Process

Thank you for your interest in Heartlicious Design. This is going to be a fun experience. I will guide you throughout the design process. Here is a handy guide to help you see the process.

The first step to get started is to check out my Portfolio to view samples of my work. This will give you ideas on how you want your custom design to look. See my design style and you'll know whether we are a good match.
Take a look at the Services I offer. My specialty is Custom Blog Design. Study the items and find the right choice for you!
Please read thoroughly my Terms of Service to understand the service policies on communication, design, the payment method, copy-rights, design process and installation.
The next step would be placing a design order. You are expected to fill out the Request a Quote Form and be as detailed as possible since it will help me get the best view to understand the design you expect.

I Will email you with the Quotation upon receiving your form. Once we've agreed on the project details, an Invoice with item & payment particulars will be emailed to you.
Once the deposit is received your space is confirmed and your name will be placed on the Design Schedule.  In order for me to get started with your design, I will send you a set of Design Questionnaire to be filled in.
From here the designing experience will begin!

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