Featured Blog Design: Yumnilicious

Introducing new package: Blogshop Premium where you get BlogShop Gallery Layout with coordinated Post Templates Pre-format. Yumnilicious is my first launched site using the Blogshop Premium.

On the design, Zila, the site owner requested damask pattern with pink, purple and white as the chosen colors. She specifically requested her site not to look too professional. Then I decided to play with the colors and merged them in stripe background. For me it looks as yummy as the products she offers. Please visit her site, Yumnilicious, browse through her site and start ordering those yummy cakes!


  1. salam sis..sihat?tq ye sbb remind ifa..ifa dh edit dh..btol la pe sis bgtau tue..if apun lama x menulis..ntah pe ifa pk nie..tq..=)



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