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Idza Delights is where you can find and get cute custom cakes and cupcakes. I love working with Idza, her input was very useful. She knew what she wanted. Working with her was easy, definitely it helped me a lot to come up with the design. Guess what, she approved the first draft!

Idza is a teacher and baking is her hobby. I want the blog to represent her well. She wanted a cartoon character, holding a cupcake in one hand and a chalk in the other. As in my opinion chalk wouldn't be a cake's best partner, and it's dusty as well, so I was thinking of having other idea. Then I introduced a black board (which in this case is green) and made use of the board to write her blog name and its tagline. 

This was the first time I drew cupcakes and cakes and guess what, I fell in love and really enjoyed illustrating each of them. lol. The preferred colours were pink, blue and purple. As usual, I love neat design so I tried to make this three column layout as neat as possible. The colours won't hurt your eyes, the site should be access friendly, easy to read and load fast.

So to support my client, please visit her site. Her cakes are deliciously beautiful. trust me  ;)


  1. wah..comel2..adui la..ifa lum isi lagi nie..sbb ngah pk2..cmne ifa nak nie..hee..xpe kan sis..lmbt sikit..

    btw ifa baru je dpt hadiah dr fizza closet td..=)

  2. terima kasih :)
    x pe, take your time. Lgpun skrg ni tgh buat design lain.

    Laju nya dapat hadiah tu. Ifa dapat kaler apa?



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