Webpage Design for SafriMd.com

The client is a professional registered architect who loves cycling. He got a group of active cyclists in Kuching. They have regular cycling activities around the town every week and also long distance outstation rides. SafriMd team sponsors one of Malaysia's strongest cycling team and occasionally joins special events every now and then around Malaysia. This site also accommodates his company and a portfolio of their selected projects.

The concept of the page design is minimalist. Selected colours are extracted from the logo - black, yellow and blue. I also provided sliders of the cycling activities and portfolio. I tried to blend architecture and cycling and this is how I came up, a line of peloton with a skyline of Kuching city.

I'm proudly to say this is the second webpage project I have done after Logika Teknik which I did in 2005.


  1. Ah-ha. I heard about this. It looks very neat. Was the concept fully your idea or his?

    Btw, I like Logika Teknik's website. Your family's right :) nicely done.

  2. i did the whole concept. He didnt give input at all and let me explore. It took me quite some time to finish this. I had to import all his photos and documents, and some more I got no input at all. His site was previously a blog format, so I wanted to do it in a webpage concept. Luckily he likes it. Hoho.

    The Logika teknik, yup. It's my dad's business. Hehe.

    Thank you Sabrina



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