Webpage Design for thebrownbench.com

I wish to update what I installed quite sometime ago. The client, Hidayah, will be launching a book rental. I'm happy cause this is a different design experience. Not only she has a different, interesting type of business, she also has a purchased domain, hosted by an external domain provider.  I helped to configure the DNS settings to link to the Blogger, where the page is set. I was so glad it worked well!

On the design, she requested illustration of two people sitting on a bench located under a tree. One person is reading a book, while the other one is listening to music.

I introduced these two persons, a girl and a boy. So as requested, the girl is listening to the music. I tried to make her gesture as relaxed and happy as possible. And there's a guy reading a book. He got more books, the intention is to emphasize that thebrownbench.com got more books. So he is a guy with an afro. Not sure how I came up with it though LOL but I tried to make this guy look cool so as to avoid paradigm that only nerds read books.

Initially Hidayah requested less colour on the design, but I was happy that finally she decided to have different colours on the clothing, the books and the background. I love the blue background! I put the title at the bottom of the illustrations to enrich the design. This is definitely one of my favorite designs ever.
Last but not least, here's an animated button for her. Please visit her site and rent a book!



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