Featured Design: Monsters and Robots

If you've seen the Portfolio the past few weeks, I have added a few designs to it. Let me introduce one of my favorite designs, it is Monsters and Robots at techeora.com.

Dennis wanted a yellow robot  and a few purple and brown robots scattered around. Now that I'm used to draw girl characters, I found that illustrating monsters are fun too! LOL. Honestly, the tricky part for me is to draw the robot. The robot is meant to be four times bigger in size than the monsters. I believe he should be the 'hero' and kind of stands out from the little crowd (of monsters), thus for sure he has to look prettier than them. I love how it turned out. A glossy smart yellow robot.

And this is my secret. I did not draw it in Photoshop, I used SketchUp™ instead. It is a great tool to produce 3D. If you're in Architecture field, I believe SketchUp™ is a no alien to you. The best thing about drawing 3D is you just draw once and you can get as many angles as you want.

If you're interested, I can make one for you too! Please visit techeora.com. Dennis got interesting news on the latest technologies.



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