A Tip to Host Your Image

I have an open secret that I would like to share! I'm talking for Blogger users who use the Blogger- free blog host service who always need other place to host their images. You know, especially for additional images used for other than blog posts'. As a blog designer, I need to upload my design images somewhere, so they can be used as your header, footer or banner! I understand that there are some cool image hosting providers online. But I just don't like to sweat myself uploading my images from other source which sometimes turns to be troublesome. So I place my images my own way, it is through Blogger itself!

Here's how I do it.

1. On the Blogger dashboard, create a new post. Simply click the pen image on the orange background.

2. On the Compose Tab, Insert an image.

Once it's uploaded, click on the image. Remember to make it Original Size.

3. Switch to HTML tab. The code of your upload image will look something as shown below. Select the image URL. So this is the address of your image!

You can also use this simple HTML code if you wish to display your image.
<img src="address of your image"></img>

I use one post to host my images and of course I never published this post! You too can do this. That's it, host your images on Blogger, as simple as 1, 2, 3!

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