How Branding With Infographic Leads to Direct Response

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Here's an interesting entry from my guest post, S. James about Infographic.


Infographic or information graphics are visual presentation of data, knowledge or information to reach more people in a quick and easy way. Infographic is earning more and more popularity over time as the illustrative representation of data is easier to understand and comprehend for the common people. Direct response marketing is different from traditional marketing, as it creates immediate response from the consumers without any intermediate agents like retailers or sellers. The response of the consumers can be measured individually for each advertisement and the purchase ratio can also be quantified. The introduction of Infographic has brought an immense change in e-commerce and traditional marketing. This is a form of inbound marketing, which is replacing the conventional outbound marketing slowly but steadily. Infographic designing is important for branding of products to generate direct response from the targeted consumers.

Outbound marketing versus inbound marketing

Outbound marketing may be old-school of marketing but still it is more persistent and widely used form of marketing compared to inbound marketing. Direct advertisement through TV, radio, newspapers and direct contact with the customers through regular mails, emails and telemarketing is still more effective. Social marketing or marketing through social networks or inbound marketing is yet to take the place of direct marketing. In old style of marketing, the customers are more targeted and the communication is done in a direct way so the customer does not have many doubts before purchasing a product. The good points about old school marketing are:

•    Customer can receive clear and consistent message from the seller
•    Customers are able to get the better idea about the product
•    Call to action is possible
•    Direct and definitive response from the seller

On the other hand, inbound marketing have many restrictions like 

•    Excessive amount of message, even to other media
•    Customers do not know if the offer still exists or has expired
•    Call to action is not possible
•    Response is not guaranteed from the seller

Benefits of Direct response marketing

This kind of marketing has no waiting time for following reasons:

•    People are able to visit or hear about the advertisements instantaneously.
•    After the advertisement is displayed, the response comes immediately.
•    There is not much asking about what you offer.
•    Generally no maintenance cost is required

Infographic is more popular among tech-savvy young generation

Young kids and tech-savvy people spend more time in front of computers browsing through different websites. They like online shopping more that to shop in physical. Social networking sites are gaining more popularity over time. 

Branding works well in social media

A survey over different social media networks can clearly show which networking sites are more popular and more widely used over others. There are many social media sites now, like facebook and twitters, whose users have much larger networks. 

Surveying popularity pattern for a particular brand

It is possible to see the pattern of popularity for a certain brand over time. You can actually see how many people from facebook and twitters have actually visited or followed a brand, how many of them have liked it, how many have mentioned about it in their timeline and how many have actually posted it, shared a link, story or video.

Other facilities

It is also possible to have coupons, discounts and promotions in the social networking sites, see the news and updates for the brand and get answers for frequently ask questions and how-to questions. It is also possible to see the difference between most preferred contents versus the least popular ones.

How to send the updates

Short notifications in the social networking media is the most popular one, when notification by e-mails comes next. There is still a fraction of population which likes to get the updates in a traditional way, through the promotional ads in TV, radio or direct telemarketing. Apart from this, there are mailed fliers, blogs and press releases, video clips, movies and YouTube videos for the promotion of a particular brand.

Analysis of modern trend shows that Infographic designing gas brought new era for branding and direct response from customers. It can also be predicted that branding with Infographic marketing will gain more popularity over time. 

Summary: Infographic designing has brought a new era in branding and direct marketing. With the advancement of new technology, inbound marketing is earning more popularity and replacing outbound marketing gradually.


Author’s Bio: S. James is a specialist in Infographic design and associated with e-commerce and direct marketing. James is a keen observer of marketing trend and writes regularly about it. She is a big fan of cricket and plays as a middle order batsman in her leisure.

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