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Remember about the Giveaway in celebration of opening this new design studio? So CikNal was one of the two winners.

CikNal requested swirl flowers, a cartoon character wearing a shawl + t-shirt + pants and holding a laptop. When she mentioned about 'pants', my mind was automatically thinking, this character must be a full length, standing and oh yes she's holding a laptop. A standing-positioned character always looks boring so I thought this girl should stand in a way that she will still look pretty and stylish. I added on a pair of high-heeled boots by the way, to make her look cool :D  CikNal wears glasses, so I thought it'd be good if the character got a pair as well. So I added those! She's now a character with glasses. Looks smart yet hot and.. I love her!  :D

The choice of colours are black, purple and pink. I was trying to convince her to change the dark colour scheme by giving her options but she still preferred this one. I was worried if it would only look dull. But when looking on the finish product,  I was wrong. The combination of black+purple+white+pink is perfect :D Honestly it was too bold for me at first, but now I can adjust my eyes to suit other people's view and feel what others expect. This blog design thing is not about the designer, but it's about the people you're working with, to understand what they need and bring the creativity out of it. I don't make design decisions based on my personal preferences only. So I guess I've got a point here.. I've learned something.


  1. salam sis..

    aiyak...sori2..ifa duk hold2..
    xterhantar rupenya..
    jap2..ifa isi details ek sis..
    so sori..huu..
    aritue bz stdy...
    pastu duk gatal tgn join CGL nie..
    maaf ye..jap ek sis..
    ifa isi skrg jg..=)

  2. salam sis..ok sdh nie..tp cam ifa rasa..byk je nt kena bincang nie..adui la..sori sis..lmbt bebenor ifa bg nie..huu

  3. nak tempah full template cantik mcm ni juga bole? ^_^

  4. Hati♡, boleh! Jangan lupa contact saya k. Kalau ada apa2 soalan musykil ka boleh isi kat form ni http://www.heartliciousdesign.com/p/contact_31.html. Saya akan email thru email :)

  5. maksud saya *reply thru email :)



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